Coating Products & Their Uses

JAXSAN Coatings manufactured by Plastic Coatings Corporation are designed to meet the distinct needs of diversified industries.


Jaxsan coatings can provide long term durability, reflectivity and waterproofing on most existing roof systems, increasing the lifespan of your roof by 10 to 15 years. Our Jaxsan 600 series and/or Jaxsan AG-102 coatings seal existing metal, modified, urethane foam or rubber roofs. Call us to discuss your roofing needs.


Jaxsan 602 and Jaxsan AG-102 are formulated to protect the interiors of food processing areas. They are proven performers in the food industry for over 20 years over insulated surfaces, stainless steel, plastic panels and primed steel. Under USDA directives Jaxsan 602 and Jaxsan AG-102 are acceptable for "incidental” food contact or for “indirect” contact with food materials under FDA directives.

Thermal Insulations

Used over a variety of thermal insulations, JAXSAN 600 features built-in fiber which eliminates the need for expensive, time and labor-consuming mesh applications. Acrylic polymer technology used in Jaxsan 600 has superior physical and durability properties when compared to typical insulation coatings. Glossy Jaxsan AG-102 allows for a dirt resistant finish on tanks, ducts and pipelines.  Jaxsan AG-102 over Jaxsan 600 makes the lifetime of the insulation system extends to as much as 20 years.


Used by more than 400 theater companies and set design firms, our JAXSAN 600 coating is water-based, low odor, nontoxic, easy to work with and is fire retardant. Available in different colors and thicknesses, Jaxsan 600 forms a rubbery skin over cellular plastic such as Styrofoam and Urethane Foam. The product can also be painted and used over canvas, fabric, wood, metal and as an adhesive.