JAXSAN 600 Coating Series

600 Series

Formulated for your safety, the JAXSAN 600 series has low toxicity and is environmentally safe for interior and exterior use. The products are water thinnable and acceptable under the strictest laws of volatile organic content.

Jaxsan 600/601

JAXSAN 600/601 are water thinnable and environmentally safe coatings. These premium quality acrylic latex coatings are a perfect choice when it comes to protection and waterproofing of roofs and thermal insulation. Their carefully balanced blend of toughness and 250% elongation makes them ideal waterproofing for metal buildings.

The fiber matrix in the JAXSAN 600 series coatings help the coatings to withstand foot traffic and seasonal weather change while exhibiting extraordinary impact and crack resistance features. As these coatings are elastomeric, they can move with a roof during the natural cycle of expansion and contraction easily. They are compatible with most types of roofing systems including all sheet goods.

The JAXSAN 600/601 waterproofing system provides a completely seamless finish to your roof deck. Applied as a liquid, it conforms precisely to the deck, is able to caulk and seal seams, and dries to form one single layer of durable, elastomeric coating.

JAXSAN 600 is designed to be used -

  • On insulated roofs and tanks to protect the insulation from the elements, providing excellent waterproofing.
  • Applied over metal roofs and on aged “roll” type bituminous roofing.
  • To protect primed wood and metal, and many other surfaces.
  • For outstanding adhesion to aged primed concrete and masonry surfaces. It is especially effective over most types of thermal insulation, providing an excellent weatherproofing and mechanical barrier.

JAXSAN 601, our Bright White topcoat, can be used as -

  • A brighter, more reflective white topcoat than Jaxsan 600, to reduce air conditioning demands
  • Same waterproofing, protection and outstanding adhesive properties as Jaxsan 600 coating on top of new or existing systems


JAXSAN 600/601 is available in 3 different thicknesses or consistencies: trowel grade, brush grade, and spray grade. It is available in 55 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails, 2 gallon pails, and 1 gallon pails. JAXSAN 600 topcoat is available in White, Light Grey, Aluminum Grey, Black and Tan.   Special colors are available with service charges. Jaxsan 601 is available in Bright White only.

The warranties on JAXSAN 600/601 are available when properly applied over spray applied polyurethane foam, metal roofing panels and some forms of sheet roofing. Check with manufacturers’ representative for more details.

In case of any questions, feel free to reach out!

Jaxsan 602

JAXSAN 602 is an acrylic, elastomeric coating manufactured for use in facilities requiring FSIS inspection.   Under USDA directives Jaxsan 602 is acceptable for "incidental” food contact or for “indirect” contact with food materials under FDA directives.  

We recommend using Jaxsan 602 over thermal insulation, walls, ceilings, and primed structural materials for incidental food contact. With its easy application by brush, spray or roller, Jaxsan 602 is designed for waterproofing interior and exterior surfaces. It is durable enough to withstand years of rigorous wash-down procedures associated with food processing facilities when properly applied.  It has been successfully tested and found to withstand cleaning chemicals, provided by Ecolab Corp., used in FSIS facilities.

Jaxsan Coatings | Manufactured by Plastic Coatings Corp

When properly installed Jaxsan 602 provides a continuous barrier across the interior walls and ceiling that waterproofs, seals out bacteria providing an excellent wash-down surface for clean-ability and hygiene.

In case of any questions or to request detailed literature, feel free to contact us!

Jaxsan 607

Premium quality, non-fibered, waterproofing coating based on acrylic elastomeric polymer technology, Jaxsan 607 features high film elongation, long term durability and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

The elastic nature of the polymer allows the JAXSAN 607 to adhere to and move with the expanding or contracting substrate without any damage. Formulated specifically to withstand the rigors of exterior exposure such as roofing, the coating is permanently flexible, elastic and will not dry out, chip or crack.

While JAXSAN 607 is easy to spray with airless equipment, it may also be applied by paint roller or paint brush. The product is available in White, Bright White, Light Gray and Aluminum Gray colors.

Usage Recommendation As elastomeric coatings wear from the exposed surface down, the thicker the coating, the longer the coating will last.

  • White and Bright White are highly reflective and will reduce the surface temperature of dark colored substrates lowering the demand on air cooling units.
  • Bright White contains more reflective pigments and is the product of choice when brightness is of prime importance.

Usage Recommendation:

As elastomeric coatings wear from the exposed surface down, the thicker the coating, the longer the coating will last.

  • On thermal insulation and hard surface roofing materials, recommended total film thickness will range from 20 to 25 mils.
  • Airless spray or roller applications are recommended to achieve a wet film thickness of 20 to 25 mils drying to a film thickness of 12 to 15 mils.
  • Two or more coats are recommended to achieve a total dry film thickness without runs or sags in the coating.
  • Ensure that the preceding coat has dried thoroughly before application of the next coat of JAXSAN 607.

The warranties on JAXSAN 607 are available when properly applied over spray applied polyurethane foam, and some forms of sheet roofing. Check with manufacturers’ representative for more details.