Plastic Coatings Corporation Jaxsan Coating Products

Typical Properties JAXSAN AG-102 Weather Coating


Coating Classification:
Acrylic Emulsion, interior or exterior, non-leaching, non-toxic formula that may be used in incidental contact with meat and poultry in USDA complaint facilities.
Volume Solids:
40% + 1% non-volatile
Weight Solids:
51% + 1% non-volatile
Voatile organic content (Less Water):
<196 grams/liter
Thinning solvent:
Water. Do not thin for normal use.
Recommended film thickness per coat:
3 dry mils per coat; two coats recommended.
Total film thickness recommended:
6 dry mils
Dry time per coat:
Varies with temperature and humidity; average time is 1 hour to touch. Water resistence is poor immediately after the application and improves through the first 12 hours. Protect from moisture until cured.
Recoat time:
Varies with temperature and humidity, 3 to 8 hours average.