Plastic Coatings Corporation Jaxsan Coating Products

Weather Coating

Surface Preperation

Surfaces must be claen, dry and free of oil and other contaminants. Prime rusty surfaces with JAXSAN 1500 primer and cement surfaces with JAXSAN 1400 primer. If mildew is present, remove with a bleach (15%) and water (85%) solution with a little detergent as a rinse/wash aid. Premixed solutions are available commercially and are recommended. Rinse well before applying primer or AG-102.

Application Considerations

Exterior applications require good weatherfor successful results. Do not apply when poor or inclement weather is expected or likely. Do not apply in areas where water is expected to pool and stand. Apply by brush or airless spray.

Airless Spray

A 20:1 airless sprayer or larger is preferred for spray application. A paint type spray gun (Graco silver gun) is acceptable using a tip size of approximately 17 to 27 thousandths inch orifice. One half-inch hose reducing to an 1/8 inch whip is acceptable for most applications.

Drying Times

Dark colors will dry faster in sunlight than white or white colors. Thicker films require more dry and cure time than thin films. High humidity and low temperatures will significantly slow dry and cure time. It is the responsibility of the applicator to manage the events and conditions of the application. If application questions arise, call your sales representative or Plastic Coatings Corporation for further information. Color fade is expected as the coating ages. Sunny exposures will fade faster than shaded exposures.

Coverage Chart

JAXSAN AG-102 is 40% non volatile by volume. Each gallon will yeild 6.0 mils of dry coating per 100 square feet or 650 square feet per gallon at one mil dry film thickness. Based on these numbers the following coverage rates can be used as a guide for determination of coating coverage. These rates are theoretical rates because they do not make allowances for any coating loss due to application technique or surface profile. Typical coverage losses will be around 5% to 15% on smooth surfaces.

3 mils = 216.6 Square feet per gallon
6 mils = 108 Square feet per gallon


Do not allow liquid paint to freeze. Soak up spills immediately with absorbent materials and clean residue with soap and water before coating dries. After drying, coating is very difficult to remove.