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Weather Coating

Surfaces must be clean and dry before application of coating. JAXSAN 607 is freezable and will freeze at temperatures of 32°F and below. Wet or uncured coating film must be allowed to dry thoroughly before exposure to freezing temperatures or the coating may be damaged. JAXSAN 607 dries by evaporation of water from the wet film. Under good drying conditions it will dry within 3 hours when applied at a rate of 35 wet mils or less. Good drying conditions are temperatures above 60ºF and when relative humidity is below 70%. JAXSAN 607 must be allowed to dry thoroughly before exposure to dew, rain or any form of moisture.

JAXSAN 607 is 55% by volume (Shrinkage is 45% upon drying). Apply at a rate of 1.5 to 2.5 gallons per hundred square feet per coat. Two coats provide better protection than one. The following gallons per square may be helpful when calculating dry thickness: 1 gallon/100square feet yeilds 8.8 dry mils; 3 gallons/100 square feet yeilds 26.4 dry mils; 5 gallons/100 square feet yeilds 44.0 dry mils.

JAXSAN 607 is a "breathing" coating and not a vapor barrier. Moisture vapor will pass through the dry film allowing small amounts of moisture vapor trapped within a substrate exit. If a substrate is suspected of containg moisture, contact a representative of Plastic Coating Corporation before applying coating or sprayed polyurethane foam.

Available job specific guidelines are "Spray Applied Polyurethane Guidelines", "Design Considerations for Waterproofing Metal Roofing" and "Guidelines for Insulating Outside Storage and or Process Vessels". They are available upon request by calling Plastic Coatings Corporation at (304)755-9151.


JAXSAN 607 is for industrial and commercial use and to be used by properly trained personnel. The numerical flame spread rating is not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions. The data and recommendations herein are based on tests and information believed to be reliable. no guarantee is made to their accuracy, however, and the products are sold without warranty, express or implied, as to use, application or preformance. The user should determinethe suitabilityof the product for his purposes.

Coverage and performance may vary, depending on roughness or porosity of surface, application technigue and service conditions. The conditions and methods of application, transportation, handling and storage of our products, over which we have no control, are important factors in their performance. Recommendations and sales are made on the condition that we assume no liability beyond the purchase price of our material. No representative is authorized to alter or extend these conditions of sale.

Hazardous Material Information System Rating

Health0         Reactivity0
Flammability0         Per. ProtectionB