Plastic Coatings Corporation Jaxsan Coating Products

JAXSAN 600/601
Weather Coating


One gallon yields 8.8 dry mils per square foot of coverage per 100 square feet (theoretical). A total of 40 dry mils applied in two equal coats is recommended for most applications. see your application specifications for details.

Drying Times

Approximately 3 hours to touch using white coating on a 70º F day with relative humidity at 70%. Dark colors will dry faster if allowed to dry in full sunshine. JAXSAN 600 dries by evaporation of water and must be protected from moisture until it is dry. Failure to do so may result in a coating “wash off” or coating failure. Blisters in the coating may form if the coating is subjected to water before the coating has cured.

Airless Spray

Use 30:1 or larger ration airless spray pump; 1/2” to 3/4” I.D. material hose; mastic gun or pole gun. 3/4” to 1 1/2” I.D. intake line (larger diameters are preferable); .035 to.045 spray orifice with reverse cleaning attachment. Because JAXSAN 600 is a heavy bodied material, a 1:1 or 2:1 transfer pump may be used to move the coating more easily to the pump. Remove material filters or screens in pumpbefore use.


JAXSAN 600 products may require stiring if the material has been allowed to set undisturbed for as month or more. this is not a sign of product problem. Simply stir the coating until uniform and it is easy to use. If stirring becomes necessary, take care not to contaminatethe product with foriegn material.


The Jaxsan 600 series of products are latex based and water thinnable and will freeze at temperatures below 32ºF. If any JAXSAN 600 product freezes in storage or while curing, it will be irreparably damaged and cannot be expected to preform as previously expected. JAXSAN 600 may be attacked by some solvents and chemicals. The user should determine the potential for damage by such an exposure or contact a representative of Plastic Coatings Corporation for more information.

Hazardous Material Information System Rating

Health0         Reactivity0
Flammability0         Per. ProtectionB